My Village Barok Bistro Best Place To Eat In Kuching

My Village Barok Bistro? What's so special about this place. Last week, one of my friends are craving for Ayam Ketuk/Penyet. So we ended up at My Village Barok. Trust me, when it goes to Nasi Ayam Penyet, you need to go to this place to taste the most amazing Ayam Penyet in town. I have done a lot of reviews about this place before. But for now, I'm going to do a full review about this place. 

The location of this place. 
My Village Barok are located at Kampung Boyan opposite to Kuching Waterfront. So if you wish to go here, you will need to make your way to Kampung Boyan either by car or by taxi river/perahu tambang. 

Operation Hours
This place open at 4.15pm and close at 11.30pm.

During weekend, I suggest you to make a reservation through telephone to avoid disappointment. This is because, many tourists and local people go here in weekend. Barok's Contact No : +60 16-870 7021

The best food that you must taste is Ayam Ketuk or Ayam Penyet. The sambal taste amazing. I recommend you to request extra sambal (will be charged 50cent for 1 extra sambal). I tell you the sambal is very tasty and quite spicy.

Ayam Ketuk, Ayam Penyet, Ayam Kemek is the same thing. Don't get confused.

The chicken is coated with a sweet sauce that make the chicken taste amazing. The meat of the chicken is tender from the PENYETING (compress) process to make it able to absorb the marinade that leads to a juicy and delicious chicken. 
Before this, Ayam Ketuk were name as Ayam Penyet or Ayam Kemek. It's the same thing. Just have a change in name. 

Beside Ayam Ketuk, you can find many local dishes here such as linut, ayam pansoh (chicken cooked in bamboo), umai (raw fish salad), midin belacan (wild fern in shrimp paste) and grilled scallop.

Menu My Village Barok Bistro

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