Best Places To Eat In Kuching, Sarawak

Hello there. Today I'm going to share with you some of Best Places To Eat In Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo. After I googling Best Places To Eat In Kuching, Borneo, not many bloggers promotes restaurant that I have been before where the price is more affordable and the taste of the food is more tasty and amazing. So, here I'm going to share with you other restaurant out there where you can enjoy our local food in better taste and more original. 

Mom's Laksa Kuching
When in Sarawak, it is a must for you to taste a Laksa Sarawak. For those who want to taste the Laksa Sarawak for the first time. You may go to Mom's Laksa restaurant. This restaurant is easy to be found around Kuching. You may use your GPS application to get to nearest Mom's Laksa around you. All I can say is Mom's Laksa provides best laksa in town. The price of one bowl of laksa is really affordable. The portion of one bowl of laksa is really satisfying.  

Sharing Planet Sharing Downtown 
To those who love to eat western food. Maybe you are already bored with local food. You may pay a visit to this restaurant. If you're looking for western food with huge portion with affordable price. You may go to this place. It is really worth it to go here. The portion is very big, one plate can be eaten by two people. So you better ready to eat the food and avoid leftover food. 

Teh Tarik Kafeteria
This is the place where you can find many local foods at cheaper price. Such as kolo mee, laksa sarawak, mee sapi, etc. One of  the Teh Tarik Kafeteria  is located near to Jambatan Gantung Satok. So use your Waze wisely. 

Anuar Steamboat 
For those who really like to eat steamboat food. You may go here. It is halal for sure. Anuar Steamboat located not far from Sharing Downtown. It is in town area. You may walk from your hotel to go here by using waze. The price is affordable. This restaurant provides varieties of food.
My Village Barok 
Last but note least, My Village Barok. What so special about this place? Well, this restaurants building looks like a local house. You may request a table where you can eat like la ocal malay, where you will seat on the floor. You can find many local dishes here such as linut, ayam pansoh (chicken cooked in bamboo), umai (raw fish salad), midin belacan (wild fern in shrimp paste) and grilled scallop. How to get here? You can use a car to get here. And if you stay at hotel located somewhere at Kuching Waterfront. You may use the water taxi service along the riverbank. There's a water taxi known as perahu tambang. You will be charged around RM1 per head. Make sure you tell the taxi's owner that you're heading to My Village Barok . I'm afraid that you might go to the wrong place. 
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